How to Preserve Mental Health While Balancing Work and Family Life

Robin Ohringer pic

Robin Ohringer

A psychotherapist with diverse therapeutic experience, Robin Ohringer has served patients of all ages who need help with various issues including depression, aging, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Working primarily with a client base of adult women, Robin Ohringer focuses much of her work in areas such as helping balance careers with family life.

For many parents, the thought of maintaining a proper balance between their work and their lives at home seems difficult, if not impossible. Amidst the chaos, it is easy to become caught up in feelings of stress and anxiety. However, there are a number of ways in which you can preserve your mental health on your journey toward leading a more balanced life.

As a working parent, one of the most important emotions that you must be able to overcome is guilt. While it may be hard, you should not linger on thoughts of leaving your child at home so you can pursue your career. Instead, you should turn your professional role into a positive by focusing on the benefits to your family of working. By placing a priority on such matters as helping to save for future college tuition, you can make yourself more effective both at home and in the office while also experiencing less guilt.

In addition, you should set aside time each week just for yourself. You will not be able to make the best of your career and home life if you do not allow yourself to step away and relax at times. Whatever your chosen method may be, it’s best to engage in activities that help you overcome stress and let go of tension.